DJI Inspire 1 X3/X5 Dual Battery Plate


Are you one of the growing number of people looking to gain maximum flight time?

Are you looking to extend the flight time of your X5 equipped craft?

Do you have a need to add additional batteries to run other installed items (dedicated FPV camera and VTx, searchlights etc)?

Aero3D are proud to launch their new dual battery plate for the X3 and X5 equipped DJI Inspire 1.  The plate is custom designed for low CofG, minimum handling impact and to accommodate a range of aftermarket batteries and weighs just 26g / 30g.  Manufactured from a material which offers high impact resistance, high softening temp (262°F / 128°+ with a 5Kg load) and high tensile strength (42MPa / 6091psi) the plate has proven to be more than capable of handling the weight of 2 additional LiPo batteries.

X3 version: Available in black or white to meet your preference,and affixed using a single cable tie (supplied) through the existing holes at the base of the craft (washers, bolts and nuts can be used as an alternative) this plate takes just a minute to affix.  The plates have 2 slots per side for the use of velcro ties (x2 included).  Suitable self-adhesive loop tape can also be used if preferred (not supplied).

X5 version: Available in black or white to meet your preference and affixed using either a single cable tie (supplied) through the base of the battery cage, using 2 longer bolts (supplied) as replacement for the existing 2 rear bolts at the base of the battery cage, or both, this plate takes just a minute or two to affix.  The plates have 2 slots per side for the use of velcro ties (x2 included).  It is highly recommended that suitable self-adhesive loop tape (not supplied) also be used on the battery plates to prevent movement during flight.  In addition, the X5 version also accommodates the Flytrex in the under cage mount position, as detailed in the Flytrex installation instructions.  Also, with the DJI or Aero3D leg extensions fitted, there is sufficient clearance (6-8mm) between the battery plates (no batteries fitted) and ground when in travel mode.

You will receive:

  • 1 x battery plate (in type and colour of your choosing)
  • 1 x cable tie
  • 2 x black velcro straps (supplied with black brackets)
  • 2 x red velcro straps (supplied with white brackets)
  • 2 x longer stainless bolts for fixing (X5 version only)


Flight characteristics: Center of gravity has been carefully considered in the design of the X3 and X5 attachment plates, with the recognition that CofG is an important factor in maximizing performance and flight time when using auxiliary batteries on the Inspire.  The X3 and X5 mounting positions and plate designs respect the different centers of gravity with the X3 and X5 gimbals, with the center of gravity being further forward with the heavier X5 gimbal due to it's additional weight.  CofG can also be fine tuned as required for different battery types and weights by adjusting battery position (fore and aft and/or rotation) on the battery plates as needed.

For assistance in carrying out this dual battery mod then grab the instruction details from this link (courtesy Damon Cooper)

If you are unable or unwilling to perform the battery mod yourself then jump over to Horizon FPV Antennas who can carry out the mod for you on your existing batteries.  Use the relevant link below based on your location.



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